Treatment Modalities

Individual Care to Restore Your Family

At Fairwinds Treatment Center, we believe that each patient is unique and deserves an individualized and specialized treatment plan. We utilize the Fairwinds Restoration Treatment Model. This restorative model is accomplished by using a combination of treatment models collectively to secure a single goal of helping the client regain his or her highest functioning ability. Our treatment team combines medical care, behavioral counseling, nutrition counseling and therapeutic activities for the patient’s ultimate goal of recovery.

Individualized Treatment

Our individualized treatment plans address all of the disorders in a single integrated approach, working with a group of professionals. Each patient is designated their own therapist who will work with them during the treatment process. Each individual is also able to see a psychiatrist each day to help with their individualized treatment. Our treatment’s success is based on many different types of therapy including individual, group, art, and family therapy, also combining medication with talk therapy. At Fairwinds we also emphasize the importance of family and loved ones. Our treatment encourages each patient functioning within the family unit. We understand that addiction and eating disorders affect everyone in our patients’ lives, so families are asked to actively participate in family therapy and multi-family groups. Individualized treatment programs may include any or the following: 

Qualified, Caring Staff

Our qualified, experienced clinical staff is the core of our successful treatment. Our staff has extensive years of experience at our facility and the client is able to build a caring and respectful relationship with their therapeutic team. When the client is willing to dedicate themselves to treatment, this makes a big difference in recovery. An opend mind, trust, and commitment make the path to recovery easier. Our treatment team works with each individual to truly integrate treatment into their lives.

Integrated Treatment

Fairwinds uses individual, group and family therapy incorporated in the treatment plan. The support of family and friends is crucial to a client’s recovery process. Family is encouraged to be a part of the treatment process and client’s are more likely to succeed with their encouragement.


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