IOP for Addictions

Intensive Outpatient Program for Addictions

People seeking drug addiction treatment require an intensive outpatient program, which is one kind of drug rehab. In this program, the patients visit the rehab center a few hours a week. An IOP is more intensive in terms of time compared to the standard outpatient programs. However, the patients participating are not supposed to stay in the facility, unlike the inpatient program.

In most cases, this program’s meetings happen over the weekends, either morning or evening. In this IOP program, you will expect treatments such as group therapy, family therapy, individual therapy, and medical management.

Alcohol Addiction

Anybody from all walks of life can get this disease called alcoholism or alcohol addiction. Researchers say that genetic, behaviors, and psychological are some of the factors that lead to alcoholism. The condition makes some lose control over their action since their neurochemistry and brain have been interfered with.

Although the addiction comes in different ways, one is referred to as an alcohol addict if they depend on alcohol and cannot stay sober for long hours. When you get to such a point, it is always good to seek help. Reach out for treatment for alcoholism  before it finishes you.  Always ensure you seek professional guidance for the assessments to be done before any treatment begins.

How do you know it’s time to seek treatment for alcoholism?

  • When you start avoiding your loved ones
  • Depending on alcohol throughout for you to function  
  • Increased emotional issues and depression  
  • Frequent drinking of alcohol and in odd hours  
  • Change of friends.  

Treatment for Drug Addiction

The addicted persons seek treatment so that they can stop using compulsive drugs. Treatment comes in different settings and hence taking various forms, and as a result, the duration varies. The one-time treatment is never sufficient for a drug addict since it’s a chronic disorder characterized by relapses. To fully recover, one has to undergo regular monitoring and multiple interventions.

Drug treatment usually involves behavioral therapy, medication of the combination of those two. Different patients will have a different kind of treatment determined by the individual’s needs and the kind of drugs they have been using.

For example:

  • Those addicted to Opioids will be treated using buprenorphine, methadone,  
  • Those addicted to tobacco get bupropion.  
  • Disulfiram and acamprosate are used for those with high alcohol dependence  
  • Individuals with prescription stimulants are treated using behavioral therapies since no  medication is yet for treating such patients.

Since the two works in different aspects, the best results are seen when the combination is used instead of using one treatment method alone. 
Most of the treatment programs’ intensive outpatient program included group and individual therapies. For group therapies, it provides social reinforcement and helps enforce behavioral contingencies, promote abstinence, and live a drug-free lifestyle.

Benefits of IOP for drugs and substance abuse users

Could you be there struggling with the dependency of substances and other related disorders? 
If your answer is yes, then the Intensive outpatient program is right for you. This is because; 

  • It is a good and flexible alternative compared to the inpatient program.  
  • The program can provide a more structured setting than the normal outpatient  settings. However, they are not as strict as the hospitalization programs and  residential treatments. Through the program, you can continue with your daily duties and plans hence ensuring your personal life is not interfered with and at the same time seeking treatment.
  • The program is well-designed such that your family and work-life are well  accommodated while still receiving your therapies in an effort to make you feel sober and clean.

 The program is more affordable compared to the other programs, such as the inpatient program.

The IOP (Intensive Outpatient Program) for addictions at Fairwinds Treatment Center is designed for individuals addicted to substances like drugs or alcohol need regular therapy in order to maintain abstinence sustain sobriety. Some clients attend this outpatient addiction treatment program to gain control over their substance use problems before further inpatient treatment is required. Other clients attend this program as a step-down outpatient therapy option following an inpatient stay.

During the client’s initial appointment or evaluation, we can help to determine which type of program is most appropriate and if an inpatient option is necessary, we can make recommendations at that time.

Our focus is on education, community building, and group therapy. Groups are kept to an average of 8 members so all individuals get the focus needed for successful outpatient therapy. Family members, parents, and/or support persons are required to be involved in the individual’s treatment and are counseled as well to help their loved ones succeed.

Are you considering IOP services?

Are you there and wondering where to start with an intensive outpatient program? Worry no more! Feel free to contact Fair Wind where free assessment is done, high medical standards, and personalized plans just for you. This is to ensure you get the best services for your recovery journey. 


The Fairwinds Treatment Center IOP for Addictions

Treatment Around Your Schedule

Intensive outpatient programs have proven to be successful part of continued care. IOP is designed to provide psychological, behavioral, and social support therapies to people while they continue to live at home.

Clients typically attend the Intensive Outpatient Treatment sessions about 3 times per week and engage in individual or group therapy. To help fit into our client’s schedules, The Fairwinds Treatment Center IOP offers sessions during both the day and evening.

Intensive Out-Patient for Addictions

Fairwinds Treatment Center IOP for Addictions Highlights:

  • 3-5 times per week
  • 10 hours per week
  • Can live at home
  • Day and/or evening sessions

Below are some of the areas and topics are covered in the Fairwinds Treatment Center IOP for Addictions:

  • Post-Acute withdrawal syndrome or PAWS
  • Relapse prevention skills
  • Tools for managing urges and cravings
  • Understanding the brain chemistry of addiction
  • Progression of the disease of addiction
  • Introduction to the Twelve Steps
  • Spirituality



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