Intensive OutPatient Program for Eating Disorders

Fairwinds Treatment Center IOP for Eating Disorders

Due to COVID-19, we currently provide our IOP for eating disorders online through teletherapy. Treatment Center offers an Intensive Outpatient Program for eating disorders. Our goal is to help our patients  obtain a healthy, stable lifestyle and reduce eating disorder behaviors through group therapy and education. For some people this may be the first time seeking help for issues with food, body image and weight. While others this may be the additional support needed to help you stay focused on your path to recovery. This program gives patients the opportunity to explore relationships with food, weight and eating in a supportive environment of peers and professionals. The program is designed as a 6 week program but individualized based upon the needs of the patient and family. The intensive outpatient program is Monday, Tuesday and Thursdays from 5pm-8pm.

A full assessment will be completed prior to entering the program by one of our skilled professionals. The evaluations take about an hour and assess not only nutritional issues, but include family history, substance abuse, trauma and mental health issues.

Families are essential in assisting and supporting patients towards their recovery. Families and support personnel will be asked to attend monthly Family Night, where they will attend the group with their loved one for further education regarding the eating disorder. Informative Progress reports can be made to family members throughout the course of their treatment.

Weekly, our psychiatrist will meet with the patients on a 1:1 basis in addition to the group therapy offered that evening. We do require that patients also continue to see their own outpatient providers while they are in the program. If a potential patient does not already have outpatient providers, our treatment team will assist in helping to locate an appropriate team.

IOP for Eating Disorders via Teletherapy 

We are currently admitting new patients to our IOP for eating disorders. The IOP for eating disorders is currently being held online through teletherapy. 

Intensive Out-Patient


Our online Teletherapy services are 100% secure. Sessions are encrypted and no information is recored during video sessions.


Our online IOP is held by the same team of licensed therapists and professionals who lead our in-person Intensive Outpatient Program.

Individual & Group

Our online IOP treatment for eating disorders involves both group and one-on-one sessions depending on each patient’s customized treatment plan.

At Fairwinds Treatment Center we are commited to providing our patients who participate in online Teletherapy IOP with the same care and attention as our in-person programs.

The Fairwinds Treatment Center IOP Treatment for Eating Disorders

Summary of Topics Covered

Group Therapy:

In a setting with several of your peers, there are many different groups available in the IOP program; CBT, DBT, psychoeducation and nutrition are a few. The group is always open to suggestions from patients to be in-the-moment with what is currently going on.

Art Therapy:

This group provides therapy for patients who aren’t always benefiting from talk therapy. It helps patients to access other parts of the brain. Topics include but are not limited to: problem solving, identification & expression, trauma resolution, finding the authentic self & spirit, releasing of emotions, body image disturbance and self-esteem & self-confidence.

CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy):

This group helps patients to look at and work on their dysfunctional thoughts and beliefs about themselves and the eating disorder.

DBT (Dialectical Behavioral Therapy) / Skills Training:

This group is designed to help patients regulate their emotions and work on coping skills to be better able to manage their stress.

RO-DBT (Radially Open Dialectical Behavioral Therapy):

RO-DBT is a form of transdiagnostic treatment designed to address a spectrum of difficult-to-treat disorders sharing similar phenotypic and genotypic features associated with maladaptive over-control-such as anorexia nervosa, chronic depression, and obsessive-compulsive personality disorder.


This group helps patients understand their disorder and better use the coping skills that they already have in order to deal with the illness at hand.

Process Group:

This group allows patients to bring up current topics and personal issues that might be related to what’s going on at this particular moment in the course of the day or course of their treatment.

Nutritional Groups:

Our Registered Dietician will lead a group designed to help patients understand food, metabolism, weight and nutrition and to unlearn any inappropriate myths surrounding food. Patients will fill out a meal plan of the foods they will bring each IOP night with the assistance of the Dietitian.

Our Vision

The journey towards recovery will not be a straight path and at times you may feel like giving up, but Fairwinds will support you. It will be important to remember that recovery is progress, not perfection. Your team will be here to help facilitate your journey to becoming “ALIVE”

A – Accepting the body
L – Living in the moment
I – Integrating therapeutic experiences to improve quality of life
V – Valuing yourself
E – Engaging support during your journey

Our Mission

Our mission is to give hope to you and your loved ones. We work every day to help repair the emotional and physical injuries that your loved one is suffering from. While our methods are customized to each patient, our goals are the same:Achieve a healthy, stable body weight

  • Treat the physiological problems resulting from the condition
  • Normalize eating behavior
  • Treat co-occurring psychiatric disorders
  • Reframe cognitive distortions
  • Create positive body image perception
  • Support the family in recovery
  • Develop a structured aftercare program and relapse prevention plan
  • Integrated real world educational experiences

Nutritional Component

Our nutrition philosophy utilizes a non-diet approach to address each patient’s individual treatment plan which allows patients to plan and process the experience of eating meals that may not be within their comfort zone. At this level of care, patients will bring their own meals. Consideration will be made to accommodate allergies and if you have a current nutritionist that you are working with. It is understood that the meal support part of the program may be the most difficult experience and patients are supported in their efforts to consume food in a safe environment.

Tools such as, intuitive eating, journaling, eating out and clothes shopping help develop the diversified and structural curriculum necessary to facilitate nutritional recovery.

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