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Inpatient Care

When enrolled in inpatient care we require patients to stay at our facility for the duration of their treatment. This is absolutely critical to recovery because they have full-time access to our intensive therapy and tools. While some patients occasionally visit us on a predetermined regular schedule, those in inpatient care have a better chance of staying on course when consistently supervised by one of our staff members.

Here’s what patients can expect from our inpatient care program:

  1. 24 hour care at all times
    It’s vital for patients to receive expert care whenever they need it, whether that’s late at night or in the early morning. This is something that families, no matter how much they try, simply don’t have the resources to offer. Our doctors are available at all times to provide assistance. 

  2. Individual, daily recovery plan
    We offer personalized care for all of our patients, but the difference for those in inpatient care compared to other programs is they’re treated on a daily basis. While in this program, patients could have one-on-one sessions or regularly scheduled group meetings either daily or weekly. 

We fully assess and evaluate each person prior to entering inpatient care by using our dual diagnosis approach. This technique allows us to better understand the patient’s addiction and offer practical treatment options.

  1. Comfortable surroundings
    Many people are worried their loved ones won’t adjust to their new surroundings while in inpatient care. Our goal is to ensure patients feel comfortable in their environment and while working with our doctors. This helps them better focus on recovering. 

If you’re not sure whether your loved one should be in inpatient care, don’t worry. Schedule an appointment with Fairwinds Treatment Center, and we’ll provide recommendations.


If you are ready to discuss treatment for yourself or a loved one, the Fairwinds admissions team is here to help.

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