Family Therapy

The Importance of Family During and After Treatment

Eating disorders and addictions affect the entire family unit, not just the individual. At Fairwinds Treatment Center, we understand the helplessness and frustration that comes with having a daughter or son, sister or brother, mother or father struggle with these diseases. That’s why family involvement plays an integral part in the treatment plan and the healing process. As a family, you can expect to participate in family and marital therapy, regular visits and consultations with our treatment team, education to help you understand the treatment, and be included in outpatient follow-up care. Our experienced and compassionate staff will work with your unique family dynamic to ensure a lasting and sustainable recovery.

Family therapy is just one component of the comprehensive eating disorders and/or substance abuse treatment plan at Fairwinds Treatment Center. The Fairwinds philosophy of treatment stresses the importance of family support and psychological rehabilitation so that every client can achieve self-realization, a sense of personal responsibility and a renewed self-worth. Our treatment facility’s program stresses growth and development in the areas of family, social, academic, vocational and spiritual life. When treatment is approached from this perspective, the foundation for a meaningful and productive new way of living is established.

Other critical elements of a successful treatment plan include:

  • Didactic therapy

  • Focus groups

  • Individual therapy

  • Art therapy

  • Nutritional counseling and education

Family Therapy


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