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Free yourself from toxic substances, finally. Fairwinds Treatment Center takes a unique approach to detox, helping you manage your drug or alcohol withdrawal symptoms while promoting an active recovery.

Why is Detox Important?

Drugs and alcohol can make the symptoms of any underlying condition worse. That’s why detox is an important first step in any recovery program. However, we know it’s not easy. Alcohol or drug addiction causes your body to become dependent on these substances to function. When drugs or alcohol are gradually reduced and removed during detox, your brain has to adjust to the sudden drop in chemicals. This can cause painful withdrawal symptoms, making it very hard to quit “cold turkey.” But we’re here to help.
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Does Fairwinds Offer Detox?

At this time, we do not offer detox as a stand-alone program. However, we take a unique approach to detox as part of a holistic treatment plan designed to help you transition to recovery as soon as you arrive.

Your doctor will determine the length of your detox program, based on the types of substances abused, withdrawal symptoms and your current state of health. Because of the many variables, our detox and ensuing recovery plans are customized to ensure your well-being and safety.

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